Table of Contents

Novels in Novels.
Tip-top selections from everything I’ve ever read in Readings.

Guide to my essays below.

Autobiographical writings below that.

Substantive topics

An HONEST Guide out of Depression – 3000 words

On Human Interaction – 3000 words

A Conversation with my Inner Child – 1000 words

How I Plan to Run my School — 2700 words

A brief explanation of God – 2000 words

Spinoza is one of my tip-top favourite people ever.
His greatest work is called the Ethics.
I’ve tried to sum it up.

On the Self – 15000 words
Bit big, but fairly enlightening.

On Self-Centeredness – 200 words

On Love – (forthcoming)

On Death – (forthcoming)

Buddhism made EXTREMELY simple – 500 words

Why It’s OK to exist in a time of mass extinction – 300 words

The Problem of Suffering – 2500 words
Do you suffer? Now you won’t be confused about it.

The Problem of Time – 1200 words

How Alternative Medicine works – 400 words

How to talk to Racists, Sexists, and Little Libtard Snowflakes – 150 words

A VERY quick note on racism – 600 words

Why the Simulation Argument is so silly – 300 words
(More on this at some point.)
(I think I’m gonna write a book summing up Indian philosophy using the metaphor of the world as a computer simulation / video game.)

On the pre-eminence of Mysticism – 300 words

What do I want? – 1000 words
What do I want? v2 – 500 words

3-part series on meditation, cultiness, and reconciling oneself to culty things.

On LSD – 300 words

Why Twitch Plays Pokémon is the Best Thing Ever – 9600 words
An old classic.

Your Name, Love, and the Answers to Everything – 14000 words
At some point, I’ll circle back to the beginning of this blog and start writing about anime again…

The Darkest Thought… and the Light Beyond it – 1200 words

Autobiographical Sequence

I wrote these partly to leave miniscule traces of the fact that I existed, but mostly as a series of examples to elucidate the nature of the mind and share life lessons.

Earliest Memories – Introduction to a method of introspection – 2500 words
0 – 4

The Birth of Venus – A Life in Romance (forthcoming)
4 – 10 (…and then 10 – 31)

Assorted minor childhood traumas and their unknotting (forthcoming)

A Hedgehog’s Guide to Depression

The Psychedelic Ship sets sail (forthcoming)

The Hedonistic Interlude (forthcoming)

The Crux (forthcoming)

The Enlightenment Experience

The Loneliness Experience (forthcoming)

The Mystical Experience (forthcoming)

Prayer (forthcoming)

Breaking Through

Depression again

My First Meditation Retreat

A weird, revealing lockdown dream

The day I almost killed myself (forthcoming)