[300 words]

Once upon at a time, there were two nerds at a very fancy university studying psychology.

Then they took acid and were like “lol, screw this. You nerds wanna continue with all these neurotic details? Fine. We’ll just do acid and let the mind reveal itself.”

One of them kept doing acid, every day, through every orifice, until he literally spaced out.

The other one said “hmm, maybe the acid isn’t really the key thing”, and went to India to learn about religion.

Over there, he found a guru, who asked to try this “yogic medicine”, and didn’t seem affected by it.

He said that it allows you to visit Jesus for a few hours — but why visit Christ when you could be Christ?

That said, if you’re at a moment of much peace in your life, then it could be useful.

All in all, it’s a glimpse, but not a permanent fix. And so you engage in whatever spiritual practice or non-practice you prefer.

The guru in question personally recommended Love.

(More on why that’s a good idea later.)

So those are your options.

If you like what you’re doing, keep doing that.
If you want to try acid and go back, try acid and go back.
If you want to keep doing acid, keep doing acid.

If you don’t want to keep doing what you were doing and don’t want to keep doing acid, do religion.

If you don’t want to do religion, come up with New Skin for the Old Ceremony and parade around in that.

(Just so we’re clear: Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba.)

(Also, I’m not going to mention what Aldous Huxley did, cus that is genuinely terrifying.)

(Also, a tiny dose of Leonard Cohen in there at the end.)

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