I’m David Leon, currently 31 and living in Oxford.

This is a website to record and share my personal reflections.

When I was 26, I quit my job to write a novel.

When I was 28, I quit it all to “find myself” — or, as I would prefer to phrase it, to devote myself, with my entire heart and my entire body and my entire soul, to spiritual practice. In my case, the primary form of practice has been the study of philosophy and religion. 

As of the present moment, I’m still quite gone.

My friend Oleg says I have to do this. So here goes.

I studied International Relations at Edinburgh and Oxford. I was shortlisted for the Edinburgh Evening News Drama Awards for a play I co-wrote with David K. Barnes in 2010. I worked at Google for a year, on the Special Policy team for the Right to be Forgotten in 2014. I won the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Competition for Film in 2016 for a screenplay I co-wrote with Sam Sussman.

I am currently the Librarian at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies.

…..is that enough self-pumping, Oleg?