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The Great Paralysis

[3000 words] Autobiographical sequence [1 – Earliest Memories][2 – The Birth of Venus][3 – Playground Dynamics][4 – The Long, Long Walk Back Home][5 – The Great Paralysis][6 – My Teacher] By 1964, a couple of years longer than it should have taken, [the famed mathematician John] Conway finished his PhD thesis, which explored a modest byway of set theory. …

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Spinoza’s Ethics — Part III: Of the Affects

[12000 words] "Affects" are basically emotions. But I think keeping the term slightly technical will be useful. The first half of this piece will remain slightly abstract: "what the heck is actually happening?!!" kind of thing. The second half will finally get more concrete. We'll run through the nature of human emotions, with a bunch …

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