OUT OF OFFICE Announcement – December 2020

[200 words]

I’m going to be spending December in a Zen Temple in the Gredos mountain range in Extremadura in Spain.

By this point, I understand the basic notion

I am not actually ‘David Leon’.

I am really just the Universe, pretending it’s this monkey called ‘David Leon’ for a while.

Essentially, it appears… for shits and giggles.

More shits than is really merited, in my opinion. But I guess the Universe has some kind of scatological fetish.

quite well.

And my hips and shoulders have now loosened up enough that it’s not physically excruciating anymore.

So I’ll probably go there, sit down, and just stop pretending I’m David Leon.

And then it’ll be over, and I’ll be like “OK, I guess it’s time to keep playing the role.”

I hope that the break will allow me to wash off some of the frustration and digust that has caked into the creases of the costume, and I can come out the other end a bit more focused and reconciled to societal engagement and worldly affairs, so that 2021 will be less awkward and wavering than the autumn of 2020 has been.

I’m also bringing a good book along this time. So that will be fun.

Wishing you all a very fine holiday season!

With love,


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