The solution to over-population

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Some people still seem to be worrying about overpopulation. Here are the solutions. Understanding them will help you stop worrying.

Women’s access to education

When you improve women’s access to education, the birth rate plummets.

Birth rates have plummeted in all industrialized countries. It’s why they’ve had to import people to keep the world-consuming monsters which we call their “economies” going.

So just improve women’s education in the developing world, and we’re good.

The Gays

Boys seem to be liking boys a lot more these days. And girls seem to be liking girls.

Partly that’s because of culture and stuff. And partly it’s that the collective mind of humanity has gone “ok, we’re running out of room — let’s get our individual cells to fall in love in ways that will make unsustainable procreation unlikely”. And we’re just following along with the Collective Will.

In any case, and whatever the reason – it’s very convenient. We should totally let it keep happening.

So, stop worrying about overpopulation, guys. We’re already on it. Just let girls learn stuff, go to Pride Parades when the pandemic’s under control, and you’re good.

After that, all we have to do is turn our attention to caretaking for the elderly, as the population stabilizes and then shrinks.

Eventually, we’ll do sci-fi stuff and send people off to space to find more room, and the population will start expanding again.

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